Cornstarch is one of the sustainable materials that are dominating the packaging industry, especially for the food & beverage segment. It is a 100% biodegradable packaging material with plastic-like properties, making it a great sustainable alternative to traditional plastic packaging.

Our Chicken Box, made from Cornstarch & organic waste feedstock, is 100% biodegradable, natural, and toxic-free with no added chemicals or PFAs. It is durable, sturdy, leak-proof and has a storage period of 2 to 3 years in a space that has low humidity and is cool, dry & protected from the sun. It meets the FDA Food Hygiene Processing Standards and is both microwave & freezer safe.

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Features of Our Products

Suitable for hot &
cold food

Microwave & Freezer Safe
PP Lid

(-20°C up to 120°C)

PFAs Free

Storage Shelf Life upto 2 to 3 years
(in low humidity, cool, dry & protected from light)

Leak Proof

Microwave & Freezer Safe Cornstarch Tray
(-20°C up to 220°C)

Water & Oil Proof

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