Our Cornstarch Rib Trays are made from sustainable fast growing renewable organic crops and are PFAs Free. They are FDA Food Hygiene Processing Standard & OK Biobased TUV certified.

When our Cornstarch trays are disposed in the environment, they decay and blend harmlessly with soil to become organic fertilizer. They achieve full degradation within 6 to 18 months, breaking down naturally under water, air & sunlight, & other environmental conditions.

The trays do not release toxic gases on burning and their ashes are non-toxic.

Features of our Products

Leak Proof

Microwave Safe & Freezer Safe Cornstarch Tray
(-20°C up to 220°C)

Microwave Safe & Freezer Safe PP Lid
(-20°C up to 120°C)

PFAs Free

Shelf life of 2 to 3 years
(stored in low humidity, cool, dry & protected from light)

Water & Oil Proof

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