Introducing the NCD 1-Layer Paper Straw – the eco-friendly choice you need!

Our 1-layer paper straw is the result of extensive research, development, and improvement, using industry-leading technology to create a superior alternative to traditional multi-layer paper straws.

These straws use less material and don’t require industrial composting. It is the only straw type available in the market that is glue-free. Our 1-layer paper straws are heat sealed strengthening the bond that doesn’t disintegrate in your drink, and thus resulting in a smooth, comfortable drinking experience.

Try it today and see why it’s the only paper straw you’ll ever need!

Features of Our Products

Patented Technology 

Multiple patents applied

Advanced Technology

Experts in the straw industry

Soaking/High Temp. Resistant

Up to 85 degree Celsius

Safe & Healthy

Fully enclosed dust-free workshop

Zero VOC

No harm to the human body

Environment Friendly

Uses less water & energy

Nature Degradable

Doesn’t need industrial composting

100% Recyclable & Compostable

Plain paper, plastic free & glue-free

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