Water-soluble packaging is a revolutionary material in the packaging industry as it is a type of packaging that can completely dissolve in hot water, leaving no trace of waste.

The main ingredient in this bio-based material is polyvinyl alcohol, or PVOH for short, which is a synthetic polymer created without the heavy toxic metals that are often damaging to the planet. It’s also odorless, biodegradable, and water-soluble.

Research has indicated that PVOH is biodegraded by more than fifty-five species of microorganisms (many of which are commonly found in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment systems.)

It can also be recycled, although there is no need for our water-soluble products to be recycled since it dissolves in water (it will dissolve at some point in the washing process.)

Features of Our products

Naturally Anti-fungal


100% soluble in hot water with a temperature range between 60°C and 90°C, depending on the product.


Completely home and industrial-compostable

Once dissolved the remaining are composed of Water and Carbon Dioxide which don’t harm the planet or the wastewater systems in any way.

If by any circumstances it is discarded into the environment it will decompose naturally in the soil. If thrown in a garbage bin, it will also decompose within 180 days thanks to the liquids and microorganisms found in the garbage.