Introducing Crisp Produce Bags, the epitome of next-gen packaging.

Crafted from fully compostable materials with laminated NK (cellulose), PBAT & PBS, or BioPLA, PBAT & PBS lining, these bags are an eco-friendly choice for packaging a variety of fresh foods, from fruits to vegetables.

Features of Our Products

Biodegradable, Compostable & Recyclable

Suitable for hot & cold food

PFAs Free

BPI Compostable

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Key Product Indicators

Customizable Design

Tailor the shape, style, and size of Crisp produce bags to yourspecifications.

Branding Options

The bags provide an excellent canvas for branding, allowing full customization to promote your brand effectively.

Printing Capabilities

Fully printed options are available, enhancing the visual appeal of your packaged products.