NCD launched its innovative new generation of sustainable product range named ‘Crisp’ a couple of months back. But what actually makes ‘Crisp’ innovative & eco-future-friendly?
Here’s an excerpt from the conversation with our R&D team.

1) What is the Crisp line of Products? 

The Crisp line of products is an innovative new generation of sustainable packaging that is fully home-compostable and biodegradable. It aims to reduce the use of plastic packaging by offering consumers the convenience of plastic packaging but in sustainable & eco-friendly ways.

The Crisp line of products helps to extend the shelf life of fresh food, has high-temperature resistance, is microwave-safe and completely plastic-free. The best thing is that they are home compostable which is a big challenge in other sustainable packaging with similar features.

2) What is the material used in the Crisp line of Packaging Products?

There are currently 3 products in the Crisp range, all made from various organic & bio-based materials.
Our Crisp trays are made of FSC-grade paper & BioPLA lining. They are microwave-safe and cold temperature resistant, making them perfect for all types of fresh foods including produce, meats, cold cuts and cheese.
Our Crisp Paper Chicken Box is made of FSC-grade paper with compostable window material whereas our Crisp Chicken & Food Bag is made from Plant Cellulose and compostable lining that can withstand both hot & cold temperatures.

3) What makes it different and better than other sustainable food packaging materials?

The Crisp line is a unique solution to replace the foam trays and plastic bags that are most commonly used in the fresh food industry.  

Plastic packaging is still very much in use in the food industry because of its high durability as compared to most compostable & bio-based packaging. The food packaging has to meet challenging demands like longer shelf life, resistance to humidity, cold, heat etc. as the quality & durability of packaging directly impact food safety and preservation. With Crisp products, we are trying to overcome these challenges faced by sustainable packaging.
It is also important to note that most sustainable packaging with similar features is not home and industrial-compostable, making them a non-viable solution in most parts of the world. The Crisp line is not only 100% bio-based & plastic-free, but they are also completely home compostable making them a complete eco-future-friendly packaging.

4) What inspired the R&D department to create the crisp packaging line?

In simple words, it is the necessity to eliminate the plastic & foam trays used to pack produce & fresh food in supermarkets. While plastic & foam packaging offers longer shelf life, humidity resistance etc., they are filled with toxins. These toxins filter back towards the human food chain after disposal and take more than a million years to decompose. 

We needed a better solution, something that maintains the food quality & doesn’t pollute the planet or us. 

We, as a company, have always aspired to create packaging solutions that are safe & convenient, both for the consumers and the planet. And Crisp Packaging is a result of our R&D to achieve that.

5) Why the name ‘Crisp’?

The Crisp line is designed primarily for fresh produce & food. One of the basic features of the Crisp line is keeping the food fresh for longer durations, and thus the name ‘Crisp’, a reference we generally use for freshness.

To know more about our Crisp Products, check our Products page



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