The three arrow symbol on the packaging is universally recognized to symbolize the recyclable nature of the material. However, there are many materials that are represented by different symbols to show whether they are recyclable & reusable or not.

Here’s a small guide to the leading symbols that are used to show the sustainable nature of different materials across the world.

Mobius Loop

A general (and widespread) symbol that indicates that the packaging (or sometimes the product itself) is recyclable.

Mobius Loop (with percentage)

It indicates that the packaging is recyclable, along with the percentage that has been made from recycled material.

The Green Dot

This signifies the packaging producer has made a financial contribution towards the recovery and recycling of packaging. It doesn’t necessarily mean the packaging itself is recyclable.

*Note: Need permission to use

Corrugated Recycles

Developed by the International Corrugated Case Association, this symbol indicates that corrugated (cardboard) packaging can be recycled.


The RESY (GmbH) licensed symbol is for the consolidation of transit packaging manufactured from corrugated cardboard only. The symbol is a guarantee that the packaging is recyclable.

*Note: Need permission to use


This symbol is used to indicate that the glass packaging can be recycled, either at recycling points or as part of your household recycling collection.


This symbol is used for aluminium packaging that is fully recyclable (including foil, fizzy drink cans etc.).


Polyethylene Terephthalate is one of the most common plastics used for packaging (drinks bottles, tubs etc.) and is recyclable.


This symbol indicates that the product/packaging is manufactured from steel, and can be recycled by your local authority.


High-density polyethylene is a common plastic, used for milk bottles, toys, kitchenware, and cable insulation that is usually recyclable.


Polyvinyl chloride is used for manufacturing window frames and doors but is also used for wire insulation, flooring, and footwear. It is not recyclable.


Low-Density Polyethylene, whilst sometimes used in toys, is commonly used for squeezy bottles and packaging films. It is reusable, but not usually recyclable.


Polypropylene is often used for products that are injection and blow molded, bottle tops, food containers, and packing tape. It can usually be recycled


Polystyrene is used for protective packaging inserts, CD cases, takeaway food trays, and insulation products. It is not recyclable.


Other kinds of plastic not defined by the previous groups come under this category (e.g. BPA, Polycarbonate, LEXAN). They are generally not recyclable.



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