One of the main questions we get is ‘What makes packaging sustainable’. So, we got chatting with our team to understand the science behind sustainable packaging.

What makes packaging sustainable?

The sustainability factor in a packaging solution starts from the very first step: the extraction of raw materials. Here, the main goal is to move away from petroleum base packaging as much as possible. During production, it is important that we pay attention to water and energy consumption to lower the carbon footprint to make the products sustainable and eco-friendly. 

As with most of the packaging in the market, a lot of our packaging is single-use. So, the impact it leaves once discarded is what ultimately defines its impact on the environment. And that’s why most of our packaging is home-compostable and landfill biodegradable

How important is packaging design when it comes to sustainability?

Design is extremely important when it comes to any form of packaging. Period.  When we talk about sustainable packaging, we need to be extra attentive to our material, production, as well as waste management.

When you want to replace plastic, you need to think about how to become as good as plastic with a different material. Plastic is a strong durable material that can be transparent or of any color; it’s customizable and has a very low cost. The design is everything when you need to maintain the features that plastic offers but with materials that are biobased and designed to disintegrate quickly. We also need to make sure that every part of the packaging is recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable.

How does NCD ensure 100% sustainability in all its packaging solutions?

When it comes to sustainable packaging, we have to make sure that it is, of course, eco-friendly but also caters to all the modern needs of the consumer. NCD has been in the green packaging industry since 2017. We work hand in hand with our customers, production lines, and raw material suppliers to make sure we offer the most sustainable & user-friendly solution to our customers. The one thing we ensure is that all our products are compostable and/or biodegradable. 

We not only provide packaging solutions but are also focused on the R&D of innovative new technologies. We focus on replacing plastic products and that we believe, helps find solutions that offer both: eco-friendliness and convenience of use.

How do you ensure sustainable packaging for all your clients across the world with different regulations & infrastructures?

We supply our products and services in over 25 countries across different continents. That means different cultures, laws, and facilities.

Whenever we have a new client/partner, the 1st question we ask them is where will the product be discarded, and what waste management system is in place in your country/municipality. According to that answer, we find the most sustainable solution available to them. To give an example, If our client is in a country where industrial composting is non-existent, we will not suggest products made of PLA since it will take as long as any other plastic to degrade in a landfill and is not recyclable. Instead, we will recommend products made of bagasse or paper which will degrade in any kind of environment, landfill, nature, home compost, and can be recycled.

To sum it up, we like to deep-dive into the complete requirements and waste management before we suggest products, to make sure we stand true to our motto of Ecofuture-friendly solutions.



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