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At NCD, we serve organizations across different sectors, enabling them to shift to greener and more sustainable options without compromising either the quality of products or their business goals.

Driving innovation in the field of sustainable packaging is very important to us. We are actively involved in R&D for new sustainable materials, and in creating new molds for alternatives to high-consumption plastics. 

Our Products

Bagasse Laser Printable Products

Bagasse is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic. As a by-product of sugarcane fiber, it is 100% compostable, biodegradable, chlorine-free, and non-toxic.

Our range of Bagasse products is completely natural, lightweight, and customizable according to your requirement. They are both microwave and freezer safe, making them a great food & beverage packaging option.

We use FDA-certified edible ink to print patterns and logos, which doesn’t affect the food in any way, in RGB color printing and auto color mixing.

Chicken Box

Packaging has a direct impact, not only on the longevity of a product but also on the quality of the product, especially when it comes to food.

Our Chicken Box is natural, bio-based, 100% biodegradable, and toxic-free with no chemical additives or PFAs. It can store both hot & cold food within a temperature range of -20°C to 220°C. Oil & waterproof, our chicken box has a storage period of 2 to 3 years in a space that has low humidity and is cool, dry & protected from the sun.


In 2019, the USA alone was consuming 500 million straws every day. Imagine the impact we make when we choose the right materials for the straws we use.

We are one of the very few manufacturers in the world of eco-friendly straws for the beverage carton industry – food-grade paper straws and bamboo powder straws. Our Paper and Bamboo Powder straws are completely compostable, carbon-free, toxic free, and plant-based made of organic waste.

Lid-free Cups

Every year, roughly 600 billion cups and lids are used worldwide, adding to the already large plastic waste.

Lid-Free cups are the perfect example of what happens when we think outside of the box, they are a more sustainable, planet-friendly, and easy-to-use way to enjoy beverages. Our Lid-free cups are made of 100% biodegradable and compostable materials and are FSC certified. The inner linings of the cups are Bio or Water based and are completely plastic-free.

More About Sustainabilty

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